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Stationery finishing touches

Want to take your stationery set to the next level? Well here's how! I offer a range of finishing touches to add extra personalisation, make your life a little easier or just add a little more pizazz.

Individual guest name printing

A great way of adding that extra personal touch to your invitations is having each one printed with your guests names. The cost to individually personalise each invitation is £1.00.

Envelope addressing

Individual guest addressing for your invitation envelopes

Adding individual guest addresses to your invitation envelopes makes sending out your finished invitation sets a doddle. No need for handwriting each envelope as they are already pre-printed using fonts that match your stationery.

The cost to personalise each envelope is £1.00 per envelope.

To personalise your envelopes I will need all of your guests addresses written out exactly as you'd like them to appear on each envelope, either in an excel or word document or a list via email.

Return address printing on the invitation envelope flap

This is a great practical addition to your invitation envelope as it will ensure that if it should go awry on its journey to your guest it will get returned straight back to you.

RSVP envelope return address printing

Another great way of reducing the stress of sending out your invites and ensuring your RSVP's make it back to you safely is by having your return address printed straight onto each envelope using matching fonts. Then all your guests will need to do is add a stamp to the envelope and pop it in the post.

Envelope liners

Not so much a practical finishing touch but none the less an impactful one! Take your stationery set up a notch with a matching envelope liner that co-ordinated perfectly with your stationery set!

The additional cost of adding a matching envelope liner is £0.80 per envelope.


The final finishing touch is practical AND pretty, it can be used to keep all of your pieces neatly together inside your envelope but is also a great way of adding extra personalisation or an extra pop of colour. The cost of adding a matching bellyband to your stationery set is £0.80.

For a full list of prices and finishing touches view my price list here

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