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Semi-custom stationery!

Semi custom designs are the perfect way to inject a bit of your unique personality into your wedding stationery but without the custom design price tag. Not only do they fall into the categories of cool as f*ck and budget friendly but they also have a much shorter turnaround than a custom design.

So what is a semi-custom design I hear you say!

Let's start with free semi-customs!

The simplest form of a semi-custom is taking a design from my house collection and tweaking the colours to suit your colour palette. One of my favourite ways of creating a semi-custom design is by mixing multiple elements of different designs, taking the fonts from one design and the prints from another can make a super cool new set and at no extra cost.

For example:-

The below set uses the fonts, curves and graphics of the Eve design as its base with the colours tweaked to incorporate my clients sage green colour palette with the addition of an art print taken from the Pierra design for the details card.

The below stationery uses the fonts from Alabama along with the lightening bolt back print from Cherry and a custom colour palette to suit my clients theme.

The below set uses the Ramona design as its base but with a brand new custom colour palette. I loved this semi-custom tweak so much so that I have added it to my house collection!

The stationery set below uses Vixen but with its colours tweaked! Such a simple change but with a lot of impact.

Semi-custom designs with additional costs

All of the above mentioned tweaks are free or charge, additional fees will only occur when adding in brand new elements such as graphics, prints and fonts. These new additions will need to be sourced and purchased hence the additional cost.

For example:

The below set takes the Angel design and includes a brand new tropical back print and envelope liner print.

Followed by the Brody design switching up the accent colour to pink and adding a floral back print retains the rock n roll feel of the original design but gives it a different edge with the added florals.

The set below mixes the fonts and layout from Frankie, the back print from Vixen with the colours switched up and additional glitter ball graphics.

This vibrant save the date card