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Environmental sustainability is something that is really important to me, over the last 2 years I have been working towards making my small business more sustainable.


Paper goods are my passion but so is sustainability. I am aware of the huge issue of deforestation and its impact on the climate and the future of our home.  I am dedicated to trying to restore the balance and give back what I am taking away by helping to plant more trees.


I have chosen two charities, Trees for the Future and Cool Earth. When you place a stationery order with me I will donate £5 per order to help combat the issue. Even if you don't purchase a product from me, you can still donate.


I have successfully phased out plastic from my packaging materials and no longer purchase any packing materials that aren't biodegradeable.

Any plastic packaging materials I receive through the post will be re-used in my packing so if your stationery is packaged with plastic I encourage you to re-use it too! 

All of the cellophane packaging I use is now biodegradable too!

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