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The Sparkling Strawberry

I have followed Mélodie from Aime Deux Fois wedding planning on instragram for a while and am a huge fan of her style, so I was obviously super excited when she asked me to take part in a really fun pink themed non-traditional wedding shoot taking place in France.

I already had the perfect design in the pipeline that I'd been working on for a while so this was a great opportunity to perfect that design and birth it into the world via this fabulously flamboyant shoot. The pink stationery set I designed has curved edges, curvy stylish handwritten fonts and a really cute heart print on all of the back prints and it really pops as part of this alternative wedding shoot.

I hope the images from this shoot inspire you to buck the trends , follow your hearts and do whatever the heck you like when you celebrate your marriage!

This awesome shoot took place on the street of Bordeaux followed by a stunning table set up, floral masterpiece and evening couple shots at Moxy Bordeaux.

The bride wears a short @asos dress in bright pink, with a high ruffled collar which in turn sets off the gorgeous headwear. In terms of accessories, a pair of patent leather mary janes paired with super cute heart print socks by @leopoldinechateau, retro sunglasses and a white glittery veil. Finally, a brilliant beauty treatment by @camille_labellevie and @lescoquettesparty.