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A sophisticated Washington wedding

I had a fantastic time collaborating with Courntey and Patrick on crafting the stationery for their incredibly stylish and elegant wedding at Eaton in Washington DC.

Our decision to opt for a semi-custom design stemmed from their admiration for a particular design in my house collection, the Micki design. We used this as our foundation and then infused it with bespoke graphics, intricate patterns, and a personalised color palette.

The combination of the stunning Olive/khaki hue with black and a trendy pink brought a unique and edgy vibe to the entire design. We also introduced a trippy checkerboard print and a cherub motif, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to the stationery suite.

Working on this project was truly a joy, and seeing all the elements come together to reflect Courntey and Patrick's vision for their special day was incredibly rewarding. The final result was a perfect blend of sophistication, creativity, and personality, making their wedding stationery truly one-of-a-kind.

The set not only featured a heart-shaped RSVP card but also incorporated intricate details that elevated the romantic theme. The design of the RSVP card, embellished with a poignant Elvis lyric, served as a charming touch that resonated with the overall sentiment of love and nostalgia.

Displayed above is a beautifully styled flatlay of the completed set captured by their talented photographer, Meg Laffey, while below is the ultimate digital mockup of their stationery set that they approved for printing prior to the production of the physical items. Each client I collaborate with is provided with digital mockups showcasing their complete set, as well as detailed close-ups of each individual piece from the front and back. This allows for review and adjustments to be made prior to finalization and printing.

Courtney & Patrick's attention to detail and personal touch extended beyond just their wedding invitations. In addition to the beautifully crafted invitation sets, we worked closely on a thoughtful gesture of gratitude - personalised thank you notes for each guest. These notes were placed on every place setting and were more than just a token of appreciation; they were a reflection of Courtney & Patrick's genuine warmth and appreciation for their loved ones' presence on their big day. Each note was individually personalised with the guests name and to add a touch of sophistication, we adorned these notes with a chic black tassel, elevating the overall presentation and adding a luxurious flair to the tablescape.

The table arrangements appeared very chic with the addition of a black tablecloth to enhance the place settings, glassware, and flowers, making them stand out. Each table was elegantly illuminated with candles.

At last, we designed some incredibly stylish wedding programs inspired by vintage vinyl records. These programs featured a schedule for the day, a ceremony outline, and a list of the bridal party members!

Vendor list!

Photographer: @meglaffeyphoto

Venue: @eaton.dc

Videographer: @loveinbloomstudios

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