• Sarah Jayne Field

DIY bright autumnal bouquet

I love to try my hand and a bit of amateur floristry, so when my mother in law told me I could help myself to anything in the WHOLE garden I obviously jumped at the chance! Her garden is always beautiful but when I looked out of the kitchen window on this gloomy autumnal morning I was struck by how bright and alive everything still looked.....and thought....damn I should have got married in October!!

I spent a good half an hour in the garden snipping away at anything that caught my eye and made a rough bouquet in my hand. Once I'd pretty much taken most of the colour from the borders I took them all inside and laid them out on the floor ready to build a bouquet. I've never had any sort of training in florestry so have no real idea what I'm doing other than what I feel looks good as I'm placing the different colours and shapes in my hand.

When I was happy with how it looked I tied off the bouquet with some twine and finished it off with some hand dyed raw silk I had leftover and voila!

I rushed out into the garden to use what was left of the fading light and propped my creation up underneath the apple tree nestled in autumn leaves and fallen apples. I was quite literally in my element.

I just can't get enough of the bright colours against the typical warm tones of the autumn leaves.

The bouquet is made up of Dahlias, Cosmos and Verbena with a few bits of leafy foliage from bushes in the garden.