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Meet Ruby and Ruby!

I don't know about you but I feel like this year has absolutely flown by, literally flashed before my eyes before I can take it all in properly. But I must admit that regardless of how fast its gone by it has been a blast and I have enjoyed being taken along for the ride!

Now that autumn is already well and truly upon us I've been super inspired by the change in the colours and the sudden urge to rock a cosy scarf and cover myself in blankets!

So in the spirit of everything autumnal I have designed a brand new set of stationery incorporating some gorgeous autumnal floral flourishes! Meet the 2 Ruby's, like twins with very subtle differences these 2 designs sit inside 2 different colour laser cut pockets. Whether you're all about the classic minimalism of cream on cream or whether a bit of contrast is your thing you're sure to appreciate these beauties.


The design uses hand painted watercolour floral flourishes paired with swirling and swooping hand drawn fonts to create a really elegant feel but with a subtle rustic charm.

The wording and layout can all be changed to suit you and your needs!


You can personalise this stationery set even further by adding extra details and useful inserts. Depending on what info you'll need to tell your guests you can add any of the following inserts to your bundle.

RSVP card - An RSVP or reply card is possibly the easiest way to find out who can and can't attend your wedding. You can add a cut off date so that your guests know when they need to get it back to you by and even make it into a postcard with your address printed onto the back and room for a stamp. Alternatively you can add a co-ordinating rsvp envelope with the options of a printed return address.

Another way of making your RSVP card extra functional is by adding menu options to the back of your card for your guests to record their menu choices and send them back to you.

Guest information or details card - Your guest information card can be used to let your guests know any information you think they'll need before attending your big day.

For example:-

Your venue addresses

Directions to your venue

Useful phone numbers or taxi numbers

Accommodation reccomendations

Dress code

Timings and locations for events on or before the day

It can be printed single sided or double sided depending on how much information you need to include!

Menu options card - This card can be used to list all of the yummy menu options your guests can choose from. You can then use the reverse side of your RSVP card to create tick box options so that your guests can record their choices!

Honeymoon wish card - If you're thinking of requesting that your guests kindly give a donation towards your honeymoon rather than buying a wedding gift then a honeymoon wish is a great way of doing so. Asking for monetary donations towards your honeymoon can feel cringey and awkward but in my experience your guests will want to bring a gift for you regardless and I see no harm in politely requesting money instead.

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