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SS  Rock Village Hall Wedding Photograph

Hey! I'm Sarah, a tea drinking, tie-dying, cat snuggling stationery designer from Worcestershire.


Peach Wolfe Paper Co was born in my spare bedroom back in 2013 from my need for creative expression and my love for beautiful stationery. My real passion for making stationery started when I was 12, my mom took me to a card making class where I became totally obsessed and spent hours making pretty little cards that my grandparents would sell to their friends at line dancing club! So I guess you could say my first ever job was a stationer?!


As I got older I fell in love with photography and after graduating from college with a HND in photography I caught the wedding photography bug! I can honestly say this was the most wonderful and stressful time of my life! I would have a meltdown before I shot each wedding and then come home gushing about the whole day afterwards. It was a real pleasure to be able to spend such a special day with my clients and it gave me a fantastic insight into the world of weddings that I wouldn't have otherwise had. 


While I was capturing all of these fabulous weddings I realised that one of my favourite things was photographing all of the little details that went into making the day really something special. That's when I decided that I wanted to get involved with the styling as well as the capturing and so started to design my own range of wedding stationery!


Which brings me to the present day! I have my own little home studio and I get to design and create beautiful stationery for equally as beautiful couples. 



(sorry, life story over hehe)



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